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Accial Capital is an impact-focused, tech-enabled investor in small business and consumer loan portfolios in emerging markets

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Our Story

Accial Capital seeks to reduce the emerging market credit gap by bringing capital, technology, data and domain expertise to innovative, responsible consumer and small business lenders in emerging markets.

Accial Capital’s team is composed of emerging market credit and data experts, having led the growth of an award-winning credit scoring technology used to approve millions of borrowers and $1Bn+ in loans in 20+ markets. In 2017 the team started progressively building a portfolio of emerging market consumer and small business lending investments.

Accial Capital is backed by Davis Capital Partners, a multi-billion AUM family office based in San Francisco. 


Technology & Data Driven

The ORCA (Ongoing Risk & Cashflow Analytics) data, risk management and reporting system is based on a decade of experience of credit scoring in a multi-market, multi-originator, multi-product context.

Emerging Markets Expertise

Team members with deep emerging markets experience in fintech, investing, credit decisions, data and technology.


Accial Capital invests in responsible lending portfolios and measures impact through IRIS+ indicators mapped to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Impact Vision

A world of widespread financial wellness

Our Investment approach

We invest in early to mid-stage, fintech lenders in select emerging markets

our technology

Our purpose-built proprietary risk management platform ORCA is tailored to alternative finance providers in emerging markets


Accial Capital

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