Hanif Han

Hanif Han

Data Analyst

Hanif is Accial Capital’s Data Engineer with 3+ years’ experience in Python programming and data solutions. He primarily creates an ETL pipeline for Accial Capital’s borrowers in Southeast Asia. Additionally, Hanif also manages information exporting processes to support investment and risk decisions. Prior to joining Accial Capital, Hanif was a Machine Learning Engineer in S3 Innovate Pte Ltd, a big data and IoT company from Singapore, where he automated data extraction process with machine learning solutions. At the same time, Hanif is working with his brothers as Technical Lead of Guru Semua, a video-on-demand online education company. At Guru Semua, Hanif handles backend development as well as cloud deployment.

Hanif is an Information Technology Technician from Bina Nusantara University.

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