We aspire to live in a world of widespread financial wellness. Thus, we seek to cultivate financial products that allow lower and middle income borrowers to achieve financial resilience and/or seize an opportunity.


We directly measure impact by applying GIIN’s widely accepted IRIS+ indicators that are formally mapped to UN SDGs and thus broadly comparable. IRIS+ Indicators Reported on by Accial Capital are formally mapped to the following UN SDGs.


We focus our investments in portfolios of loan products that generate resilience (income smoothing) and/or opportunity for end borrowers. All prospective lending platform partners must pass our Responsible Lending Framework to be eligible for investment. Adherence to the product focus and framework is overseen by Accial Capital’s Impact Management Committee.

Accial Capital is a signatory to the Responsible Finance Forum Investor Guidelines and is a member of the Global Impact Investing Network. Our membership signifies a commitment to deepening our engagement in the impact investing industry.


Introducing ORCA

Our purpose-built proprietary risk management platform ORCA is tailored to alternative finance providers in emerging markets

Reliable & Accurate Data

Our system performs two stages of validation checks standardizing data across multiple platforms, resulting in a clean unified data source – a remarkable asset in EM.

Anytime, Anywhere

ORCA sits on the cloud, available both on desktop and mobile and can be accessed by the internal team, investors, and lending platforms to provide full transparency on investments.

Bespoke Reporting & Data Science

Data is simplified and organized into the data warehouse, becoming available as inputs to one-off analysis, custom reports, and data science processes related to risk and credit modeling.

Data Management is Our Specialty

Years of experience working together at a predecessor company means that the team has “seen it all” when it comes to cleaning and working with fragmented data.

Our Model

Primary Engagement Model

Deep in-market research, comprehensive data gathering and analytics, constructive deal negotiation, constant monitoring and analysis through ORCA.

Primary Asset Class

Consumer & small business loan portfolios, originated by early to mid-stage, tech-enabled non-bank lenders in select emerging markets.

Primary Investment Structure

Senior secured loans backed by overcollateralized, off-balance sheet cash flows of eligible assets.

Accial Capital

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