Jared Miller

Jared Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Jared Miller is co-founder of Accial Capital and Chief Executive Officer. Above all, Jared ensures that Accial Capital has the team, culture, and resources to generate compelling risk-adjusted returns for investors and equally that the investments truly cultivate economic resilience and opportunity for end borrowers across emerging markets. Jared works with the Board of Directors and Advisory Board to set strategy and leads both the Investment Committee and Impact Committee. Jared is based in Latin America, speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and leads regional origination.

Previously Jared was CEO of Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) and held positions in Decision Management and Global Mobile Solutions as a VP at Citi. Jared has an MBA from Harvard Business School and 15 years of experience working with retail and small business lenders in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Originally from Boston, Jared is currently based in Latin America where he works with fintech lenders on a daily basis.

Outside of work, Jared spends time with his wife, two kids, and dog; loves high-intensity interval training, and struggles with a low performance ceiling in his lifelong favorite sport: surfing.

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